About us

Founded in early 2018, Stratosphère trades Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the spot and derivatives markets. The full-range systematic operations built in-house allows us to have access to all global exchanges and trading venues, be it publicly quoted or OTC.

Our founding team has decades of experience in quantitative finance, mission-critical systems, and natural language processing. Stratosphère was founded to not only manage our clients’ money, but our own too.


We believe a scientific approach coupled with a deep understanding of the evolving market structures is key to success in financial markets.

While we constantly collect, filter and interpret a large amount of trading and non-trading data, we consciously put in question the source of alpha as well as its true nature. For us, machines are intelligent, but also are human beings. Our research process emphasizes more on gaining ground towards the truth than producing impressive backtesting results.

Our models are designed to last. We believe models that approximate durable sources of returns are superior, even if they lessen the immediate performance.

This exigeant and longer-term-oriented approach has already proven itself in numerous occurrences. It remains as the pillar of our ability to ride a fast-changing market landscape.