Digital assets are a technological breakthrough and there is still so much to be built. Our Frontier fund is investing in founders and teams who are building the future for all of us by pushing the boundaries of the technology.

The fund uses a thesis-driven approach with a clear and sensible vision on the most likely outcome of the world’s future state.

Current thesis

Layer 1

Established layer 1 protocols will continue to co-exist and innovate. Each will play specific and important roles depending on their vision, technology, and developer ecosystem.


While the sector has become more “mature” with proven utility and has gathered interest to participate from global financial institutions, it still has a big room to grow. More sophisticated products that represent the infrastructure of the traditional financial world are still needed and will continue to be developed.


The next iteration of the Internet that is decentralized on blockchains. Web3 is changing how applications are built, governed, and owned.


DAOs are reshaping the way people collaborate and work across industries. Together with this is supporting applications such as DAO toolings and operations.