Our Quant fund employs mathematical methods to deliver consistent and exceptional returns.

We trade with systematic strategies which are thoroughly researched and tested in both bull and bear markets.


We stay committed to outperform both Bitcoin and the US dollar in the long run and through the market cycles.


As we uncover deeper truth about the markets, we formulate new theories which will then be modelled, coded, and stress-tested against the data. We do not always end up finding new tradable strategies, but we prefer reaching dead-ends rather than being led on by spurious noises.


We put in place a continuous monitoring process to make sure our models behave as intended in the real trading environment. Being close to our models helps us to challenge ourselves whether certain models are still relevant, or if they are negatively impacted by market forces which were previously unknown to us.


Our proprietary trading engine is able to minimize execution imperfections in markets that are notoriously known for the price gaps. Our engine is designed to be fault-tolerant, and it has hardened with an array of standard optimal execution techniques over time.