Deep Learning for Price Prediction

Feb 2022

Many Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods have been proposed to forecast crypto price movements. It is reported that the forecasts are accurate enough to generate sustainable trading strategies. However, after conducting in-house research, in our point of view, the final conclusions are not clear.


Blockchain Gaming & GameFi

Dec 2021

Q3 and Q4 2021 have seen a boom in blockchain-based games. The question is how sustainable this all is and who will likely be the next winner. In this article, we look at the current state of the market and identify some trends that will likely play out in the upcoming time for the sector.


FX and Crypto Markets

Feb 2021

Sovereign states control the money supply (via interest rate policy, QE, debt monetization or direct asset purchases), exchange rate policy (floating vs pegged), capital control policy (admissible flows of money, on/offshore markets). Other actors smaller in size but nonetheless collectively powerful.


DeFi Part I

Jan 2021

A relatively young crypto sub-sector, DeFi has been building on the premise of a truly P2P financial services without trusted third parties. Philosophically it is the natural extension of Bitcoin from an operational perspective…


DeFi Part II

Jan 2021

We will discuss Uniswap as it’s currently the leader in the DEX space. We will present its major innovations and some basic mathematics behind it.


(VN) Report on a Digital Euro

Oct 2020

A key part of the Eurosystem’s mission is to provide citizens with riskless money for their payments; the Eurosystem has been providing euro banknotes for nearly two
decades. While cash is still the dominant means of payment, new technologies and the increasing demand for immediacy from consumers are changing the way European citizens pay.


Terra Ecosystem Research & Analysis

Aug 2021

Terra is a well-designed economic ecosystem on blockchain that spans digital currency, lending and savings, and investments. The project is further enhanced by its operational strength in enabling payments and adoption at the mass users level.


Crypto Market Some Challenges

Dec 2018

Crypto market presents a different set of characteristics hence challenges. It tends to break most if not all of the standard assumptions: inefficient, unhedgeable single risk factor, free-fall, jumps…


Crypto Market Alpha Strategies

Oct 2018

Crypto market has specific challenges and is very different in nature from other mainstream markets. Passive investing or beta strategies seem to be a wrong way to go. Alpha strategies is where one should focus effort on.